Business Solutions

At Bear Hills Media we understand that a small business is different from big corporations, thus have a specific range of budget, special requirements and a explicitly targeted message that can serve purpose of both awareness & foot traffic for business.

Mr. Bruce Bell the face and co-owner of Bear Hills, loves to have a healthy conversation and will put in his best efforts to understand your specific requirements and then create tailor made solutions for your business.

Below is our general flat rate card, Call us for multiple location discounts.

Advertising Costs One Side Costs Two Side Costs
Delisle, Elrose, Rosetown, Wynyard - Size 13'4"x 7'6. Biggar - Size 10,17'
1-3 Weeks $100/week $140/week
4-25 Weeks $80/week $120/week
26+ Weeks $70/week 5100/week
52+ Weeks S60/week $90/week
Kindersley, Unity - Size 10,20', Chamberlain - Size 8'5',15',Combine World - Size 13’x30’
1-3 Week $150/week $200/week
4-25 Week $125/week $165/week
26+ Weeks $100/week $140/week
52+ Weeks $90/week $120/week
Kerrobert, Eston, Wakaw - Size: 5’x10’
1-3 Weeks $100/week $120/week
4-25 Weeks $80/week $100week
26+ Weeks $70/week $90/week
52+ Weeks $60/week $80/week
Outlook - 1 Sided - Size: 5’x10’, Eatonia - Size 50” x 100”
1-3 weeks $100/week
4-25 weeks $80/week
26+ weeks $70/week
52+ weeks $60/week