Advertisement solutions


A visual story explaining your new services or a static appealing add letting passing traffic know that you are located in next 10 or 30 KMs will definitely help you get more traffic in your restaurant, motel or any business. Our add designers put in creative efforts to understand and weave your message into effective advertisement.

We strongly believe that a commercial should be able to engage, deliver message and reflect the ambience of business it is related to. For the purpose of digital billboards commercials can be designed into various forms as following:

1) A Static Design: As written above, a static add letting passing traffic know that your business is coming next, designed with color combinations that are easiest to see and read. Consider following combinations as an example:


2) Animated Add: An add can be created with alluring animations showcasing new services you just added. An appealing animation explaining new towing services you just started with a phone number flashing for 10 seconds, at least 288 times a day on highway will positively increase customer awareness and get phone calls.

3) Customer generated content: Our Saskatchewan based locations can be a part of a nationwide campaign displaying regular customer activities on social media or micro sites Or a small business targeting local community can display reviews of local customers on social sites and let their customers know how good you are.

Live scores of local hockey games can also be displayed on our billboards, with our special package a business will be able to run 2 different adds delivering two or three different messages that alternate evenly in playlist. Possibilities are numerous, contact us today to learn which one will suit your business kind.